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1955 born in Vienna, University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Vienna (guitar with Luise Walker) and University of Music and Dramatic Arts "Mozarteum", Salzburg (composition with Helmut Eder)and musicology at the Universities Vienna and Mozarteum Salzburg. He received his PhD from the University Mozarteum Salzburg.
1986 Workshop Choir-Composition Vienna, Int.Workshop for Composers in Salzburg (Boguslaw Schaeffer), Int.Summer Academy Salzburg. Grants of Salzburger Landesregierung and Niederösterreichische Landesregierung.
2000-02 participation at ISMEAM/Int. Summer Meeting for Electroacoustic Music in Sárvár/Hungary
2003 grant of the state of Austria for composition/Staatsstipendium für Komposition
2004 stay in India and residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts/USA,
grant of Salzburger Landesregierung for two projects  dahoam! and Störfelder
Compositions commissioned by (among others) Austrian Broadcasting CorporationORF, International "Mozarteum"
Foundation, Austrian Ensemble for New Music, Arbos,Ensemble Kreativ, Ensemble On Line Vienna, Vienna Recorder  Ensemble, Duo Gitolino,International

Paul Hofhaymer Society Salzburg/artistic direction Prof. Maria Hofmann

(Primavera, Die blinden Götter, Der Dieb des Feuers), Kontra-Trio Zürich, Ensemble Wiener Collage, Ensemble Sonne, Ashiya (JAP),Ludwig Lusser (Orgel), Cercle Wien, stArt Festival Salzburg/oenm.

Performances and concert appearances at home and abroad, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Japan and USA.

Publications: NÖ-Edition/Vienna, Edition N.N./Oslip, Musikverlag Doblinger/Vienna, Musikverlag Trekel/Hamburg, Universal Edition/Vienna, Edition Lockenhaus, Da Vinci Edition/Osaka

Conception and organization of kofomi, Mittersill Composer's Forum.

Wolfgang Seierl is equally active as an artist, musician and composer.

CD "BIRDS ONLY" ein klang records 003/NN-fabrik

Lives in Vienna.

Work list includes orchestral, choral and chamber music, music for solo-instruments, electronic music, sound installations, space-, motion- and theatre-related works